Why Silver Jewelry Coupled With Gemstones Make a Great Combination

What better way to increase the beauty and worth of your already elegant silver jewelry than to buy a set which is embellished with your favorite gemstone? Well, there sure aren’t many things to top this that’s for sure. If you are the kind of person who has been saving up his or her cash for buying either yourself or your loved one a ring or necklace topped with Tansanit gemstones then silver jewelry coupled with a superb gemstone would make an ideal combination. This is because silver has the regal look of platinum but costs much lesser. Another good reason to invest on a silver necklace or ring in combination with a beautiful gemstone of your choice is that you need spend all your hard-earned to buy the best gemstone possible. If you were encasing your much costlier gemstone in a platinum or gold shell, the cost of getting the ring or necklace would be much greater! You could end with having only a tiny amount to spend on buying the all-important gemstone.

Silver is super versatile!

Silver jewelry with gemstones is a bridal dream come true because you the bridegroom, could get your lady a stunning silver and diamond combination jewelry set and still have enough to spend on your honeymoon without worrying about expenses! Not only necklaces, you can even get earrings, studs, lockets, rings and much more in this combination. It is just endless with the large variety of silver goods on offer. And don’t forget to check out the silver antique jewelry which looks brilliant and makes even a young girl look classy and elegant due to the natural style it seems to ooze off the wearer. Antique jeweler is definitely an overlooked part of today’s ladies choice of jewelry and deserves a much larger share of the market for its intricate designs and value for money you get. Plus wearing an antique jewelry set will go perfectly with any type of wear as long as it is not too chunky and heavy-set. Be sure to choose silver jewelry that is not too heavy since this may be a cause for concern for you.

Choose Based on you Budget:

Even if you are a guy you can make use of silver chains with tiny glittering diamonds on them. These could be original or fake depending on the money you are willing to spend on them. By far, the most popular way of gifting gemstones in silver is by using silver to encase a rare ruby, emerald or diamond. The choice of the gemstone is entirely upto you and your budget. You should also keep in mind that a diamond is the most expensive stone depending on its weight and quality. If your budget is lower and you still desire to affix a gemstone onto your silver ring or necklace, then you have a wide variety of gemstones to choose from like amber, amethyst, pearl which are classified as semi-precious gemstones, although pearl is quite expensive too.

Choose your silver jewelry with care since it needs to hold onto the precious gemstone that choose to buy. Only approach a certified jeweller to buy silver jewelry and always check for the highest quality silver indicated by the term sterling silver. Although fine silver is purer than sterling, gemstones need a secure housing and the silver needs to be durable. Hence sterling silver is usually used for this reason. Also be sure to look for the quality mark. Goodluck with your purchase!

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