Treatment of Drug Addiction

Changed lifestyles and the pressures brought about by them have contributed to the explosion in the number of drug addicts in the society. Be it lack of courage or inability to face challenges, lack of self confidence, depression, loss of loved ones, there are umpteen reasons for people falling prey to this destructive menace, which, if allowed to flourish unchecked, has the potential to wreck human civilization itself.

The dangers which drug business and Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms drug addiction poses to the society have not gone unnoticed. While governments around the world are waging a compromise less war on drug lords and drug businesses, some enlightened people, seeing the pathetic lows to which drug abusers fall, are striving hard to bring these wayward to the mainstream society by reviving them through drug rehabilitation programs.

Some people addicted to drugs try to quit them on their own. However, the success rate is not encouraging, because the craving for drugs still linger. Traditional treatments have also been not very successful due to the lack of pro-active rehabilitation measures. Modern drug treatment and rehabilitation centers treat the root causes of addiction thereby preventing its recurrence.

These centers employ different rehabilitation measures for different people, in consonance with their needs. However, all recovery programs have three definite stages factored in. The first is the detoxification stage, where, with the help of medicines, remnants of toxic chemicals generated or induced into the body due to drug abuse are flushed out. The second, the therapy stage, helps the body to adjust to the lack of availability of these substances, which at one time were very essential for its survival. The third is the integration stage where the relieved person is taught to overcome difficulties with courage and gain confidence and self respect.

Social backgrounds of an addict, his personality, and level of addiction are considered while deciding which rehabilitation measures suit best to him. This is where rehabilitation centers scores over traditional means. The biggest advantage is that individuals are provided with normal living conditions inside the centers and are provided with counseling sessions to soothe their frayed minds and boost their self confidence. The lack of ability for the body to cope with non-availability of drugs often results in physical withdrawal symptoms. However, treatment centers employ counseling and therapy to overcome this.

Drug addiction is like a deep rooted plant which is difficult to uproot and destroy oneself or the people around him. Rehabilitation centers, with their expertise and resources can only do it for him in a permanent way. So it is wise to approach a center, rather than slug it out oneself, to escape from the clutches of the drug menace.


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