Important Factors When Choosing Your Perfect Handbag

Choosing a new ladies handbag isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do. There are many factors that we need to take into account before picking our favourite handbag. Some fashion accessories are easier to buy than others.

For example: if you purchase a new pair of earrings and then later decide that you’re not too keen you can just take them out and carry on with your day. However, if you invest in a new African handbag and decide midway throughout the day that it doesn’t ‘feel’ right then you can’t just abandon it!

Buying a new handbag – regardless to the price you pay, always feels like a investment. After all, this is an item that could quite possibly see you through a few seasons or indeed years.

So, the next time you shop for a handbag take these factors into consideration:


Before you shop online or browse the high street you should try to have a reasonable and realistic budget in mind. Expect to pay more for high quality fabrics such as leather and suede. Also the more money you are prepared to spend on a handbag, the better the quality so if you are looking to purchase a handbag that you want to last beyond a season, then spend a little more. Again, think of it like an investment.


What colours do you wear the most? If you tend to wear classic colours such as black or beige then you can afford to be a little more adventurous with the colour of your handbag . If your wardrobe boasts a wide variety of colours then maybe consider purchasing a patterned bag that will compliment your colourful clothes.

Different colours suit different skin tones, hold the bag up to your face (or if you’re shopping online then print out an image of the bag and hold it against your skin) does it suit your skin tone? Does it add warmth to your skin or draw the colour away? Choose your colourful ladies handbag wisely.


Again, this is an important factor in choosing your perfect handbag. When you choose the shape of a handbag, you need to consider the shape of your body.

If you have a petite frame then oversized handbags will make you look ‘swamped’, try a mid-sized handbag as a better alternative. If you are tall then avoid tiny ladies handbags. If you’re curvy then definitely avoid large slouchy handbags and stick to structured handbags that contrast with your curves. If you’re slender then you can embrace the large slouchy handbags.

Remember: it’s about contrasting your handbag with your shape.


Are you looking for a handbag that you can use in the evening or a ladies handbag that you can use throughout the day? You’re more likely to be carrying more items throughout the day so choose a mid-sized ladies handbag which will offer plenty of space. Over-sized tote bags are very vogue right now but you will yourself filling up the space with unnecessary clutter so beware! Clutch bags are ideal for the evening and many come with detachable straps.


If you’re looking for a durable handbag then choose a strong fabric such as leather. Also pay attention to the stitching does it look well made and strong? Safety should always be an issue, so make sure that the handbag you choose has a secure fastening so pickpockets can’t just ‘dip in’. Try to find a handbag with separate inside pockets, it makes it easier to find things and will help you feel more organised.


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