Food to Eat After a Full Detox Diet

After reading a number of reports and articles about the increase of degenerative cancers and cardiovascular diseases, many people wanted to lose weight or tried different kinds of diet programs; such as several types of detox diets.

Suffering a few side effects from trying a detox diet, like gas in the stomach and headaches, is worth the good health that you will get in return. Acquiring wellness in your whole being will bring many changes in your lifestyle. Maintaining any kind of diet is hard enough without having some inspirations to go on until finish line. If you had prepared yourself mentally, you will almost be sure that you will be able to complete a whole detox diet program.

What is detox? Detox, as in detoxify or detoxfootbath detoxification, is the process of removing toxins from the body. These days, we are surrounded by many sources of toxins. Examples are the smoke emitted by cars, the petroleum fumes from the gasoline station, and preservatives mixed in the food and drinks.

Researches show that the body naturally forms mucoid plaque that prevents efficient absorption of nutrients and causes bad digestion. This is a rubber-like lining on the intestine walls that often collects and retains toxic waste. With the use of a full detox diet program, this build-up is removed.

Some people added coffee enemas or colon hydrotherapy to the current detox diet plan they’re using. But if you did this, you’ll probably be hurting your health by losing nutrients through purging. Although purging is one of the side effects of a detox diet, this should be maintained to prevent from leaving any damage to your body, particularly to your colon.

One important goal to achieve by a detox diet plan is to be healthy. So this type of diet should not be used for the sole purpose of losing weight. It is important that you should perceive the process of detox as a healing process.

After removing the toxins from the body with detox, you will feel weak because you may have removed the healthy stuff, too. So the next step is to restore the lost vitamins and minerals.

You should re-introduce other food to your new diet after undergoing a detox diet program. These are the kinds of food that were restricted because they contain toxins. Although some of the toxic substances found in certain food are proven harmful, most of the ingredients are helpful and beneficial to the body. However, you should not bother much on some unknown chemicals.

After a full detox diet, you should add fruits and vegetables to the group of food that you usually eat. For example, have some berries with your normal breakfast of coffee and toast. At lunch, try to add sliced fresh tomato in your sandwich. With dinner, drink some vegetable juice or vegetable salad. Eat fresh fruits during snack time.

When you acquired the habit of eating healthy, you don’t have to repeat the experience of having nausea or headache during detox diet. The toxins in your body could be eliminated through natural process; that is, if your intestines are not clogged.

Another easy removal process is through detox foot bath. You put your feet in a metal basin with salted water containing ion generators. These ion generators are charged with low electric currents which produce positive and negative ions that attract and pull out opposite particles in your body.


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